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Make a Date with Health November 29, 2008

Our services are aimed at giving people the tools and knowledge they need to live their lives to the fullest, with health, joy and abundant appreciation. Apart from consultations on the macrobiotic diet, Lusher Than Life also provides coaching in resilience and personal strengths. We also hold occasional talks and forums on macrobiotics and living in balance, both from food and an energetic perspective.

In recent oncology literature, we know that there is a growing focus and scientific inquiry on the relationship between physical and mental health. Psychoneuroimmunology is now studying how this relationship can be leveraged so that we can use our mental faculties to ‘think’ ourselves to better health. However, if you are a student of macrobiotics, you would not be surprised at this. Macrobiotics has been talking about balance on the physical, mental and energetic plane for thousands of years – and now, once again, science is proving macrobiotics right!

Every meal is Thanksgiving at Lusher Than LifeNature’s bounty is luxurious, varied, and life-giving.

‘Life is Delicious’ cooking classes

Fee: $200-00 (for three hours, not including ingredients)

These classes are conducted for those who have been through the macrobiotic healing or transition consultation and are intended to make sure that the right ingredients have been purchased or substituted, and that you understand the basic macrobiotic cooking techniques. Simone will visit your home to audit your macrobiotic larder and to understand how you are cooking the recipes that were provided in the Lusher Than Life macrobiotic recommendations book. Together, you will cook several macrobiotic dishes that are particularly key to your healing, using the ingredients you already have available at home. During the cooking lesson, you will be able to ask questions and clarify the recommendations provided in the recommendations booklet. If it is necessary for us to provide the vegetables, this will be charged on a cost recovery basis – estimates for the ingredients will be provided and will  only be bought with the client’s agreement.

Using a pickle press for yang energy - photo courtesy of Palate SensationsMaking a pressed salad using ingredients readily available in any kitchen.

Macrobiotic Healing Consultations

Fee: $550-00 (without cooking class) / $725-00 (with one three hour cooking class in client’s home. Available if booked as a package with healing consultation)

The healing consultations are the chief service provided by Lusher Than Life. Working with people with health issues, ranging from cancer, to liver cirrhosis, to rheumatoid arthritis, the healing consultations are a guided process where the client fills in a health questionnaire and then, based on the information in the questionnaire, is provided with a 70-page, A4-size book with comprehensive information on the basics of a macrobiotic lifestyle, information about key macrobiotic concepts, bespoke lifestyle and eating recommendations tailored specifically to the person’s s health condition and life situation, as well as six weeks of weekly consulting phone calls to guide the client as they begin to cook the food, and transition to the macrobiotic way of living.

At the end of the six weeks of phone consultations, the client will be able to practice macrobiotics on his own and to make good food choices for the rest of his life.

The cooking class is formulated as a support for those who are new to the macrobiotic diet and who need some tips and tricks on how to cook delicious food where whole grains are at the centre of the meal, or who need help understanding how to prepare macrobiotic remedies recommended. The client is free to request particular food, usually focusing on those that they want to prepare but find difficult to make delicious, or on ingredients they have never used before and therefore are uncertain how to use in a varied macrobiotic cooking.


banchatwigs1Bancha twig tea – high in anti-oxidants and the macrobiotic beverage of choice!

Transitioning to Macrobiotics Consultation

Fee: $400-00 (without cooking class) / $575-00 (with one three hour cooking class in client’s home. Available if booked as a package with Transitioning consultation.)

This package is for people who want to learn to adopt healthier food choices for themselves and their families. The process is similar to that of a healing consultation. The client goes through the health questionnaire and also receives the macrobiotic 70-page Lusher Than Life recommendations book to support their lifestyle. The macrobiotic approach to eating is usually less strict for people without health issues, and because they are able to eat more widely, we will not need the full complement of six weeks of consultation and teaching phone calls for the client effectively transition to the diet. In this package, there are three phone consultation that are intended to teach the basic concepts of the macrobiotic diet. Like the healing diet, each phone call is based on a food diary that the client will be required to keep so that the weekly food intake can be reviewed and adjustments made so that the client will understand through the recommendations and the teaching how to balance their food intake to keep them in optimal  health.

Again, while the cooking class is not critical, it is always useful to see how delicious well-prepared macrobiotic meals can be, especially with macrobiotic desserts and baked goods that can occasionally be consumed by macrobiotic practitioners in good health.


Personal Strengths and Resilience Coaching

Fee: $500-00 per block of seven coaching conversations, inclusive of tools and Portrait of Personal Strengths worth $15-00.

This is a structured coaching engagement available in blocks of seven coaching conversations, each lasting approximately 60 minutes. The conversations take place over the phone so there is no need for the client to travel – this, however, does not compromise the effectiveness of the coaching engagement. Using a brain-based, or neuroscience approach, the coaching helps clients to identify his or her strengths and passions, and supports the journey towards building a new and more positive life-view, where the client feels that he is in the driver’s seat, and is fully in control over his life and the events that come into it. The brain-based approach results in a personally transformative experience, where thinking and perspectives are rewired through a series of powerful coaching conversations that help clients take back their personal power. The process is led by the client, not the coach, who simply is a supportive facilitator.

The coaching approach is particularly useful for people facing challenges, issues or who feel that they are stuck and cannot seem to see a way forward that they are willing to take.  It helps people redefine and reconnect with their dreams for themselves and their life purpose and helps them find their own centres of strength and deep stores of personal survival strategies.

Enquiries/bookings on +65 9004 2645.

For information on our other classes, please click on the Courses tab above.


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