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This Little Piggy July 22, 2008

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Vegetarians don't eat the family pet

Vegetarians don't eat the family pets

I have now been macrobiotic for over two years. I began eating macrobiotically while taking chemotherapy almost two years ago to this day and from that day on, my life changed completely. For the first time, I could eat and eat and not feel bloated. I began to lose weight without starving myself. My energy levels went through the roof and I went from being a couch potato to a jock-in-training, obsessively jogging first 3, then 6 and now 9km each day. Whenever I felt overwhelmed by the cancer and treatment, I ate more brown rice, the most balanced grain in the macrobiotic universe. The sense of calm that came from eating non-meat food was unbelievable. That was when I was eating narrowly and very strictly.

Recently, I have learned to cook more than just brown rice. The results have been astonishing – for one, I have not had any durians this season. When I began to tire of the straight and narrow before, I would fantasise about sushi and sashimi, durians, oysters, lobster. I justified the durians as a tropical fruit and therefore allowed. The rest was seafood and therefore allowed. I have since learned that the cravings were really the demands from a deprived body. But if one eats a wide variety of vegetables and macrobiotic dishes each day, these cravings become a thing of the past. I eat luxuriously now, but still macrobiotically. My energy levels have gone up even more and I can keep going, like the Energiser bunny.

I still eat out, but now I know what I should bring from home (such as my own brown rice, or my own shoyu). I only eat in restaurants which serve good quality food, vegetarian if possible. But most of the time, I am happy to crunch my way through a variety of vegetables, beans and grains.

Has it been a hardship? Heck, no! I am eating better than I ever have. And the best thing about it it knowing that it is all good stuff. No guilt trips anymore here – that passport has expired!


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