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China is as China Does October 11, 2008

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China has been in the news alot lately – especially since it took its glittering place on the world stage when it hosted the recent summer Olympics. But that was a moment of glory quickly tarnished by the news that the darling little girl who sang so movingly during the opening ceremony was but lip-synching. The media brimmed with righteous condemnation at this deception. But more interesting was the attitude of the little girl who had actually done the singing. She felt nothing but pride at being able to contribute to the glory of her country.

Personally, I felt a sense of disquiet that such subterfuge was considered acceptable by some sections of the Chinese establishment – Zhang Yimou, for example, the famous Chinese film director who directed the opening ceremony.  It was, to me, regrettable that someone of his stature would have supported the…deception.

What has this got to do with macrobiotics,  you might ask? Well, take the round after round of food scares, and other health-based questions coming out of China. I boggles my mind that after all this news, that there are still people willing to eat food from China.

I spent a scant 2 years there, and have had it medically confirmed that my cancer began growing during that time. While in China, I did my best to buy imported and organic food as far as possible – and still the cancer grew.

I have only one response for people who still persist in eating China-made food products – why? Sure, they claim to have organic produce. And sure, they say that the bulk of their food is safe. However, given their track record, would you believe them?

Again I ask – why would you risk your health, and the health of your loved ones, to buy China produce? Yes, there is the argument that alot of the condiments for our Asian cuisine comes from China. And yes, there is the argument that it is much cheaper – an important argument given the current economic climate.(But what price would yo put on your health?)

Yet – how did we survive during the years of the Cultural Revolution when China exported almost nothing?  Yes, there are some food condiments from China which are essential to our local cuisine. But surely there are other sources we can go to?

Or – go organic. Better yet – go macrobiotic.There is no better time. And with more people asking for good quality organic produce, the price of these products will go down, and they will become more readily available. Take one big decision for your own health, and help make a difference to the rest of society.


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