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Living Macro November 8, 2008

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Recently I was chatting to someone who was new to macrobiotics, as I now seem to do on a daily basis. She was someone who was familiar with alternative therapies, and diets, having tried many therapeutic approaches herself. And in explaining macrobiotics, and what the diet can do, I found myself focusing alot on the physical aspects of the diet – what sea vegetables can do for you, how it affects your immunity etc. Then she asked me: How has your life changed since you went on the diet? And again, I rattled off the physical information – weight loss, no more bouts of the flu, no more headaches, more energy.

But then I caught myself – there is so much more to it! I am now also a much more positive person that I have been in my life. And what a strange time to be positive! – two years out from a diagnosis of advanced cancer, with no job and trying to make a living doing projects if and when they come along. Put out to pasture by the corporate world at my relatively young age, with many, many more productive years in front of me.

Is it due to the diet? Yes, in part. If your body feels good, full of energy, your mind feels good, alert, active. Overall, you feel 110% and that means morale and mood is enhanced. I am one basket of can-do-isms.  I focus on gratitude for what I have. I focus on the joy of each day, especially so if it is raining! I awake with a song in my heart and give thanks starting with breakfast thru to dinner.

I am careful to tend my mental garden. In other words, I am very particular about what grows. I make sure I think positive thoughts. That I do not pollute my garden with inanities, emotionally draining discourse or unsavoury visual or audio material. Forget rap and forget video violence. And what of the constant parade of idiots masquerading as customer service personnel here in Singapore? Well, I am learning to simply walk away. Sometimes it does cost me in money – but the wierd thing is that when I eat well, it is alot easier.

And so, while it all may have begun with just a diet, it is now a total lifestyle for me. And this is the promise of macrobiotics – the promise of good health, a good, active and energetic mind, and a positive mental outlook. I now appreciate silence alot more. And live quietly without the need for constant movement and external stimulus of pubs, bands, parties and dinners with large amounts of people.  I prefer to take time to get to know people better rather  than rushing through each encounter.

Appreciation. Gratitude. Joy. Peace. Macrobiotics.


2 Responses to “Living Macro”

  1. Heather Says:

    Glad to see another post!!! I’d be curious what your favorite macro recipes are. I’m always looking for something new to cook. I’m slowly going macro, as I don’t have anything forcing me to go cold turkey. I gave up coffee (again!) recently and now I’m slowly giving up dairy and meat.

  2. Hey Heather, thanks for your comment. I don’t have any favourite recipes but I tend to do alot of mixed vegetable stirfries. Am testing a couple of recipes over the next few days and will post the results, so stay tuned! On your coffee – have you tried the grain coffees? They can be quite palatable with some steamed soy milk.

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