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Leukemia Recovery – Christina Pirello February 19, 2009

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There are many moving stories of how a switch to a macrobiotic lifestyle has overcome the ravages of cancer. Each is an inspiration and encouragement to those who face serious health issues and chronic conditions, but who have taken charge of their health by embarking on the healing macrobiotic journey. Macrobiotic cook Christina Pirello  tells a moving story so many cancer patients and survivors are familiar with – the death of a loved one of cancer, the horror of their own diagnosis, the debilitating treatment that is usually the main route of cure from the medical community and then – the first step out of the darkness that is created by the cancer diagnosis, into the sunshine.

A diet based on whole grains, land and sea vegetables, roots, beans and nuts gave her body back its life. Eschewing mainstream medical  treatment, Christina found life and love. Today, Christina is a leading light in the macrobiotic community and the author of creative vegetarian cookbooks.

Read her wonderful personal account here:


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