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Macrobiotics in the Medical Community February 19, 2009

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Macrobiotics and Cancer

We now recognise that the incidence of cancer is on the rise globally. Governments and the medical community worldwide is devoting considerable resources to developing more innovative and less debilitating treatments for cancer. One corollary of this focus is the increasing attention being paid to the macrobiotic approach to eating and the many studies on the link between diet and cancer. The studies review the effects on a range of cancers and are being conducted by some of the most well known research centres in the world, such MD Anderson Cancer Centre.

The medicine behind whole foods

The medicine behind whole foods

1. National Cancer Institute Approves Clinical Trials on Macrobiotic Approach...“After this week’s meeting I could definitely say there is real gold in macrobiotics… “

2. Annals of Internal Medicine Study on Alternative Approaches to Cancer…“it seems reasonable to accept macrobiotics as an adjunct to conventional treatment” for most types of cancer.”

3. Italian Breast Cancer Study on the Benefits of Macrobiotics...”We suggest that these favorable changes are to be attributed to the cumulative effects of a comprehensive dietary strateg…”

4. Study on Macrobiotics by the University of South Carolina…” Fifty-one people recounted personal healing stories in which macrobiotic practice reversed a serious health condition.”

5. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, Houston Scientific Review of Macrobiotics…”63% of cancer patients who received some form of dietary therapy received or were exposed to the macrobiotic diet. ”

6. Macrobiotic and Vegetarian Women Are at Less Risk for Breast Cancer…“The difference in estrogen metabolism may explain the lower incidence of breast cancer in [macrobiotic] and vegetarian women…”

7. Sea Vegetables Can Reduce the Risk of Induced Breast Cancer in Laboratory Animals...”kombu resulted in delayed onset of tumors, less tumors, slower spread, and longer life span.”

8. Miso Protects Against Stomach Cancer…”those who ate miso soup daily were 33 percent less likely to contract stomach cancer and 10 percent less likely to develop cancer at other sites compared to those who never ate miso soup.”

9. A Diet High in Soy Products, Especially Miso Soup, Protects Against Cancer.…”genistein, the active ingredient in the soy foods, retarded the multiplication of cancer cells and choked off the small blood vessels that feed tumors.”

10. Macrobiotics Benefits Pancreatic Patients…”Survival rates among pancreatic cancer patients who followed a macrobiotic diet were significantly higher than usual patients.”

11. Whole Grains Protect Against Cancer…”high intake of whole grain foods protected again cancers of the oral cavity, larynx, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, colon, rectum, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, breast, endometrium, ovary, prostate, bladder, kidney, lymphatic system, and multiple myelomas. Reduced risk ranged from 10 to 80 percent depending on the type of malignancy.”

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