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Beating Rheumatoid Arthritis Macrobiotically! June 10, 2009

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 26 years ago as a young girl and over the years the condition  worsened. When I first saw Simone Vaz at Lusher Than Life, I had had surgery on two fingers as well as my right wrist, was lacking in energy and had accepted that pain would be a  part of my life. After my consultation, I went cold turkey into macrobiotics  with nothing but hope and the loving support of my family. After 2 weeks of  eating macrobiotically, I  found I could make a fist when I woke up, and  that my energy levels were increasing. After 5 weeks of macrobiotics, I found  I could hold that fist. I also had greater mental clarity. Where before my  workload meant that I had to leave the office at 8pm, I found myself getting  home in time for dinner with my family at 7pm. And I was able to extend my  cardio workouts on the stationary  bicycle.

The improvement in my  condition has surpassed all my expectations. My friends and colleagues notice  the change in me. My family rejoice with me. I now feel like a different  person, and I know that as I continue with the macrobiotic diet, my condition  will continue to improve. I am embarking on a new adventure, taking charge of  my health and growing into a whole new me!

– Juliana Rajam, Ang Mo Kio,  Singapore.


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