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Why do people sabotage their own healing? March 30, 2010

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I have spent the better part of today trying to talk people out of their need to cheat on their diets, or trying to persuade them to release old food habits, such as eating hot cross buns during Easter, or continuing to juice or eat raw salads on a daily basis.

Once having started on the healing diet, with the body working on redressing its intrinsic homeostatic balance, eating at the extreme ends of the food spectrum will throw the body out of whack again, and therefore, more work will need to be done to rebalance the body.

The see-saw proccess, especially for those in delicate health, is not good and takes alot out of the body – taking up energy and other resources that could be directed towards healing.

Today, I realised that the relationship with our food goes so deep that in spite of an intellectual acceptance of the efficacy of macrobiotics, people still cannot break the link. Food is linked to childhood choices, rewards for good behaviour, the food eaten on the special first date…loads of emotional baggage is linked with food choices.

I think of this as the last frontier in the road towards total health.

Once people are able to cut these ties, and exorcise themselves of this unhealthy tie, they will well and truly be on the road to healing. Until then, the diet, true healing will remain elusive.

Macrobiotics means a total break with everything that brought you to the point in your life when you decided that you had to try macrobiotics – in my case, it was a cancer diagnosis.  In my practice, these tend to be cancer patients with no further medical options. It is very painful to watch people at this stage of their lives still sabotaging their own healing with poor food choices.

Ironically, it is at this stage of their lives that they reach for familiar comfort provided by food. And even more ironically, it is at this stage of their lives when they need most to make a break with the past, understand how they have arrived at this state of health and decisively take steps into their own, healthy, future.

It is frightening to make this total break with everything that has defined you in the past. But in order to survive, and to become the new, better and healthier you, that break is essential. Let go, and reach for the future – the first step is the hardest. The rest becomes an adventure of discovery.


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