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A Personal Account of a Cancer Journey October 12, 2008

Cancer survivor and macrobiotic counsellor Simone Vaz first began eating macrobiotically when first diagnosed with cancer in June 2006. Since then, she has had three surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. She went from 65kg in weight to 52kg in six months – even while eating three huge meals each day, and snacking on highly quality macrobiotic snacks.

Stronger – Back from the Brink
Eating macrobiotically, Simone sailed through all her treatments with no side effects, and recovered in record time from all her surgeries. From being a couch potato, she saw her energy levels go through the roof during chemo. She began to exercise on a daily basis, moving her daily jog from 10 minutes each day to 9km after the third round of chemo. In addition, she did 30 minutes of tai qi each day, and three times a week, run up and down 15 flights of stairs three times each week. After her hysterectomy, Simone was jogging 9km 3 weeks post surgery. All this was despite being on an extra heavy does of a chemo regimen not commonly recommended for Asians.

Living stronger - macrobiotic practitioners take a balanced approach to dealing with life's challenges

Living stronger - macrobiotic practitioners take a balanced approach to dealing with life's challenges

Macrobiotics – for Physical and Emotional Balance
This is the strength of the macrobiotic approach to eating and healing. Supported by natural whole foods, the system of eating does not contradict any drugs being prescribed by your physician. Rather, eating well, with a wide variety of vegetables and whole grains, and sea vegetables, seasoned with good quality natural, organic condiments, many people on the macrobiotic diet have found that their body’s respond well to medication, and are better able to manage the side effects of treatment.

Post treatment, they report feeling better than they have for a long time. Significant increases in energy are common as are reports of better immune functionality. Once she had the flu once every month on average. As of the date of writing, Simone has not had the flu or a cold, or a headache, for 2.5 years.

A macrobiotic approach to eating, in many instances, also results in a more positive, optimistic life attitude. People are more centred, and cope better with life’s challenges. With enhanced physical wellbeing, everyday is marked with joy.


One Response to “A Personal Account of a Cancer Journey”

  1. Claire Says:

    Dear Simone

    I read about you in the Sunday Times and wanted to say hello and how happy I am to read such uplifting news. Remember me from BT days?

    I have been trying to tell people about eating well, and though I am no expert, my eating habits adhere broadly to what you teach so I am glad there’s positive reinforcements out there to help people live a better life.

    Most of all, Simone, it is your attitude to life that really counts. You have blessed many, just reading some of the comments here, and I wish you bon voyage in life. You look and sound fabulous, and I am certain it’s the same inner radiance I always saw in you. You certainly did perk up the newsroom!

    My only quib with the SunTimes article was “labelling” you a cancer survivor, as it is far too restrictive a label. You’re far more than that. Live it up, girl!

    God bless.

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