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Simone is ‘Too much’! July 22, 2008

Overly large flowers - too much!

That’s what my parents used to say when I was a kid and I opened my mouth to comment on grown-up talk. Today, my life is still ‘too much’. Too much joy, too much love, too much fun, too much dancing, too much sashimi, too much, too much. As a practitioner of the macrobiotic lifestyle, living out loud cradled by the abundance of nature, I have found my comfort circle. Now, as a relatively youthful breast cancer survivor, I am looking for much, much more…of everything that is wondrous in life. I start with thanks for each day I am alive, then wait for the abundance to flow as the day unfolds. It never fails. I am filled with gratitude. This blog is a sharing of the celebration that is now my life. A moveable feast of blessings, a life being lived large. My cup runneth over. Too much!


3 Responses to “Simone is ‘Too much’!”

  1. Lydia Quek Says:

    Thanks Simone, this is a wonderful contribution to society and all who needed a lift. Life is too much stress, i need to learn more macro cooking from you. As you right said when too much stress, we eat too much sugar loaded stuff. Take care n keep yr blog growing. God bless you (“,)

  2. juliana Says:

    Living OUT LOUD! ….. hee hee….. nice.

  3. Alexandra Hsieh Says:

    Hi Simone,

    So happy to see your macroB site. Good work!
    Hope more people in Singapore learn & understand abt macroB.

    warmest regards from a fellow macrobiotic practitioner,

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