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Beating Rheumatoid Arthritis Macrobiotically! June 10, 2009

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis 26 years ago as a young girl and over the years the condition  worsened. When I first saw Simone Vaz at Lusher Than Life, I had had surgery on two fingers as well as my right wrist, was lacking in energy and had accepted that pain would be a  part of my life. After my consultation, I went cold turkey into macrobiotics  with nothing but hope and the loving support of my family. After 2 weeks of  eating macrobiotically, I  found I could make a fist when I woke up, and  that my energy levels were increasing. After 5 weeks of macrobiotics, I found  I could hold that fist. I also had greater mental clarity. Where before my  workload meant that I had to leave the office at 8pm, I found myself getting  home in time for dinner with my family at 7pm. And I was able to extend my  cardio workouts on the stationary  bicycle.

The improvement in my  condition has surpassed all my expectations. My friends and colleagues notice  the change in me. My family rejoice with me. I now feel like a different  person, and I know that as I continue with the macrobiotic diet, my condition  will continue to improve. I am embarking on a new adventure, taking charge of  my health and growing into a whole new me!

– Juliana Rajam, Ang Mo Kio,  Singapore.


Thanks from a bladder cancer survivor

From YW Cheong, 54-year -old bladder cancer survivor, who came to see Simone Vaz with his wife, Grace, for help in transitioning to a healing macrobiotic diet to help support him as he took chemotherapy. During chemotherapy, after starting to eat macrobiotically, he saw some of his key health parameters improve. He sent in this lovely note to Simone Vaz at Lusher Than Life.

“For now, I feel my health and energy level have improved, thanks in part to the macrobiotic diet that Grace and I learned from you!

We found you are a very patience and nice lady without air. It has been our pleasure talking to you during those phone consultations when you made the efforts to answer our queries or explain things.

Take care of yr health and have sufficient rest too!”

Best Regards
Cheong & Grace


Leukemia Recovery – Christina Pirello February 19, 2009

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There are many moving stories of how a switch to a macrobiotic lifestyle has overcome the ravages of cancer. Each is an inspiration and encouragement to those who face serious health issues and chronic conditions, but who have taken charge of their health by embarking on the healing macrobiotic journey. Macrobiotic cook Christina Pirello  tells a moving story so many cancer patients and survivors are familiar with – the death of a loved one of cancer, the horror of their own diagnosis, the debilitating treatment that is usually the main route of cure from the medical community and then – the first step out of the darkness that is created by the cancer diagnosis, into the sunshine.

A diet based on whole grains, land and sea vegetables, roots, beans and nuts gave her body back its life. Eschewing mainstream medical  treatment, Christina found life and love. Today, Christina is a leading light in the macrobiotic community and the author of creative vegetarian cookbooks.

Read her wonderful personal account here: