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Singapore’s First Macrobiotic Service – Courses October 12, 2008

Simone Vaz is a macrobiotic counsellor who began eating and cooking macrobiotically when first diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2006. She has studied – and continues to share experiences – with renowned, pioneering macrobiotic practitioners in the US. Her recommendations are based on her own personal experiences of the diet and is able to work more effectively with patients because she is able to understand their cancer journeys.

While the entry of point of the macrobiotics lifestyle begins with a new approach to eating for many people, Simone believes that the emotional journey that comes with such a fundamental lifestyle change also needs to be supported. Her style of counselling involves working with the whole person to bring them to a more rewarding, joyful and delicious practice of macrobiotic eating and living.

All consultations are strictly by appointment only.

Road to a New Way of Life

Road to a New Way of Life


1. Transitioning to Macrobiotics

This consultation is for those without major health issues who want to make a steady transition to a traditional macrobiotic diet and lifestyle.

In person or by phone, this consultation includes complete written recommendations, relevant special recipes and home remedies instructions, and other educational materials. The fee includes three pre-scheduled follow-up phone calls during the six weeks after the consultation. The Transitioning to Macrobiotics consultation lasts for approximately 2 hours.

Fee: $400 (includes three follow-up phone sessions during the six weeks after the consultation). Meetings are by appointment only.

2. The Macrobiotic Healing Consultation

This consultation (either via phone or face-to-face) is for the person with a major health concern, including cancer, who is in need of healing-focused macrobiotic lifestyle recommendations. The healing journey begins with a detailed questionnaire which participants need to submit at least 48 hours prior to the consultation.

During the Healing Consultation, you will gain an understanding of your condition from a macrobiotic view, receive detailed macrobiotic dietary and lifestyle recommendations for your personal needs, and be given special recipes and educational materials. Included in your consultation fee are up to 6 follow-up phone sessions with Simone Vaz during the first eight weeks after the consultation.

The Healing Consultation is for those who need to immediately implement a traditional, healing-focused macrobiotic approach, rather than a gradual transition.

If you have a major health concern and you want to pursue a macrobiotic lifestyle, we advise that you seek the necessary instruction and guidance from experienced macrobiotic teachers. Macrobiotic lifestyle changes can be unnecessarily difficult and time consuming if one attempts a self-healing practice without guidance and instruction. Uneducated and unguided attempts can result in misapplications of macrobiotics as well as unnecessary frustration.

It is also strongly recommended that you also attend a macrobiotic cooking class to learn the basics of macrobiotic food balancing, preparation and daily menu planning.

Fee: $550-00 (includes 6 follow-up phone sessions within 6 months of the consultation.  Fee includes diagnostic questionnaire. Initial 2-hour counselling session will be face to face; follow-up sessions will be via telephone.  By appointment only.

4. Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

These hands-on classes are tailored to the specific needs of the client. You will learn all the basics of selecting and cooking healthy macrobiotic foods, including whole grains, organic vegetables, miso soup, sea vegetables, condiments, pickles, and beverages. Our cooking classes are specifically for those who have bought a healing or transitioning to macrobiotics package. Each cooking class is tailored specifically to the client’s needs and usually focuses on healing dishes or special dishes that are suitable for the client’s situation.

Fee: $200 per person for a 3-hour cooking class plus macrobiotic larder audit.

5. Special focus seminars

From time to time, Lusher Than Life will run seminars which will focus on specific topics which form part of the healing journey. These seminars are meant to help you become stronger on more than just the physical level – featuring guest speakers, workshops and mentoring sessions, they will help you on the path to leading the life you want to lead and were meant to lead – participatory lives of passion, adventure, joy and fulfillment! Fees and seminar programs will be published on this space when details are confirmed.

Fees for each two-hour seminar (usually held in the East coast area) will be determined depending on the nature and format of the seminar.

6. Personal Strengths and Resilience Coaching

This coaching programme, ground in neuro-science, has been formulated specifically for people who might be facing difficult life issues and challenges which make it difficult for them to live their lives in balance, or to keep up their macrobiotic practice. The sessions focus entirely on the client’s needs and issues, with the facilitator providing support and facilitating the conversation. Simone Vaz, who conducts these session, is certified in neuroscience coaching and this, coupled with her health history, gives her the empathy required to effectively coach clients through the rough patches of life. Her coaching approach is one of gentle support, insightful questioning and guidance so that clients reach their own moments of ‘a-ha!’ on their own, and leveraging the energy generated at such moments, facilitates clients through to greater clarity of purpose.

Each coaching engagement take place via phone, so that the client does not have to travel.

Fee: $715-00 for a package of seven, 60-minute coaching sessions, inclusive of a coaching kit for the client as well as  relevant questionnaires and pyschometric tools such as the Portrait of Personal Strengths from Personal Strengths Publishing.



One Response to “Singapore’s First Macrobiotic Service – Courses”

  1. susan ng Says:

    my son has some medical condition (auto immune hepathesis and colitis) since 18 months, he is now 9yrs old under medication since then.
    would like to know more of macrobiotic to improve his health.


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